Global Warming and Climate Change

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3 January 2010 by romanin

Happy new year!!! Here it comes, the first post of 2010!

I am not nearly prepared, educationally speaking, to write what I am going to write, but I will write it anyway.  I grow increasingly weary of this whole global warming thing, and am more and more confident that it is a hoax and a politically driven scam.  I have several reasons.  The first is simple.  Scientists and popular culture have turned global warming into more of a religion than a science.  My evidence for this is that when I mention that it could be a hoax, I am generally met with disdain and I am told that I am an idiot because I don’t believe in science.  Well, I could understand if it were something absolutely provable such as the roundness of the earth or the color of grass.  But when one scientist or philosopher disagrees with another about something that is based on theory and based on models and assumptions that are predictions and subject to interpretation, and then calls that person he disagrees with an idiot because he doesn’t agree, well, that isn’t science, that’s cowardice.  Let me give an example.  Lets look at antibacterial soap.  Children get sick from germs found around the house.  The job of the people that advertise for soaps must prove in their commercials that you need antibacterial soap.  They show that it kills the bacteria that make your children sick.  Therefore, if your children are to be healthy, you need this soap.  Without it you are doing injustice to your kids.  Well, if I come in and say, germs are good for you because getting sick and allowing your body to fight germs actually increases the strength of your immune system, and overall, makes a more healthy child.  Well Both me and the soap people could both have substantial evidence.  I could even prove what I say with historical evidence, but most likely, the soap people would win in a popular venue.  Even if I were to be able to prove myself to a higher degree, and with more scientific evidence, most mothers would not like my findings and would choose not to believe me and call me a terrible person for wanting her children to get sick.  This is of course hypothetical.  In a conversation with a family member, I said that there is actual scientific evidence that Global Warming is a false thing, and I was met with similar attitudes.  I was encouraged that the people coming up with the opposing evidence were fraudulent and were not really scientists, or that they were a great minority. So, all I ask of those who support Global Warming is to understand that the theory is a theory and that he or she should be scientific about hearing other theories.

Second, logically and philosophically, I must be skeptical because we are such a small part of the great system that we live in.  The energy given to us is given through the sun which is millions of times bigger than the earth.  The earth is bathed constantly in cosmic rays and solar wind.  A sun spot has a great effect on our climate.  The ocean is the biggest consumer and producer of carbon dioxide, depending on temperature, and based on what I’ve learned and read, there IS a relationship between the overall temperature of the earth and carbon dioxide.  But the fact is that it is inverted.  When temperature rises, the oceans heat up and release carbon dioxide.  When temperature falls, the oceans cool and absorb carbon dioxide.  The core ice samples show that historically, a rise in carbon dioxide and a rise in the earth’s temperature coincide, but contrary to what I’m told most of the time, the rise in temperature comes first!  This should not be surprising if a warming ocean produces carbon dioxide.  I read an article a few days ago that said that a pet dog produces more carbon dioxide by far than an SUV.  Will getting rid of pets solve our problem?  NO, There are animals everywhere that produce carbon dioxide, and much more than we do.  In fact, Humans with their factories contribute much less than a percent of it.  Most of it comes from a warmed ocean and from dying foliage and living animals.

Third, history seems to tell us that less than 500 years ago, there was a mini ice age in Europe.  It also shows that less than 1000 years ago, the earth was much warmer than it is now, AND IT DIDN’T FLOOD BECAUSE OF MELTING ICE CAPS!!!  History also shows that between the ’40’s and the ’70’s the earth was cooling down during the peak of our industrialization.  It shows that there were news reports and scientists saying that we were headed for an ice age.  Now we are going the opposite way, I guess.  In short, the climate is always changing and co2 has little to do with it.  It is more or less a result.

Finally, I think that it has political implications that may be driving it.  I am one of those wackos that thinks the UN is an evil organization.  I think that global warming plays into their hands.  I think that the more people believe in global warming, the more they want to give control to the UN in regard to global laws that “directly effect” the climate.  This last point is just a fancy and a theory that is based on observation and long hours of pondering as well as looking into history.  This is basically one of the best ideas of why this global warming thing has become so popular and has been pushed so much by our politicians.  Be that as it may.  I do believe that global warming has little scientific proof.  Much of it has to do with green house gasses and the production of co2 by man, but as shown above, there is substantial evidence that the warming of the earth is natural and has little to do with the minute amount of co2 that man produces.

I invite comments and contrary arguments


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