Where Is This World Going?


11 December 2009 by romanin

I read an article, an opinion article, from Canada regarding the UN conference in Copenhagen and the world ecology.  The article points toward overpopulation as a reason for all of the climate troubles and says that a global China-like “one-child policy, is the only way to reverse the disastrous global birthrate currently, which is one million births every four days.”

This article continued to discuss how China was benefiting greatly from its one child policy.  The author said that the middle class is growing in China and that all of China’s people have housing, food, medical care, and education.  …  Hm  …  I have lived in China and this is not true.  China’s population has the same problems as a lot of other third world countries.  Furthermore The students graduating from college, students who are all single children, are having no end of difficulty finding jobs.  If there is benefit in the one child policy, China is not realizing it yet.
A few more things to think about concerning China’s demographic situation.  China’s economy is now based largely on labor.  The labor force in China is astoundingly huge, but as a result of the one child policy, is growing old.  Once the generation that began the one child policy is no longer able to work, many expect to see a large change in China’s economy because of the drastic reduction in labor force.
Let’s tear away form China and just look at the idea.  My concern is not as much with China’s policy as it is with the general populace’s idea of what it is to be human.  If you decide to implement a global policy about anything, you are taking away freedom from people.  The article is written by someone who probably considers people to be on par with animals.  The person also clearly regards religion as an obstacle and therefore chooses to ignore the spiritual dimension of humanity.  A policy like this would take much more away from humanity than just the right to bear more than one child.
All of a sudden now you have no more freedom of religion.  People are heading there.  We talk about freedom of religion in America, stores these days don’t have the right to say “Merry Christmas” without facing charges from customers of other faiths.  It seems that we are heading toward forced atheism.  And atheism, like it or not, is a religion too; unfortunately it seems to be the chosen religion of the punditry.  That being the case, you end up with not only the legalization of abortion, but forced abortion as a state mandate for families pregnant with their second child.  It happens in China, and it will happen if the globe goes that direction.
Finally, look at it sociologically.  Did you grow up with brothers and sisters?  People that grow up as only children most often get spoiled by their families.  A second generation of only children would be even worse.  Being an only child has it’s merits, but children growing up in that environment usually don’t learn how to share as well, they don’t learn how to be “diplomatic” to get what they want from peers or siblings.  You end up with a generation that has a degree of selfishness above average.  Self-centeredness would grow, and the idea that the “big brother” needs to take care of us would also be more prevalent.  This is, of course, all speculation.  I love the freedom we have in this country.  But I fear that we are on the verge of loosing it piece by piece.  Being human requires reason and sound judgment in regards to our relationship with the environment.  That I agree with.  But slavery is not the answer.
I have a suggestion.  Do you know that the average American family, i think creates 8lbs of garbage a day.  We need to lower our standard of living, and re-assess the things we “need”.  The population density in most Western countries is dwarfed by Asian countries.  We don’t need population control here in America (Or anywhere).  What we need is a population that is aware and educated, a more rational idea of what one needs to be content, and a reformed government that keeps its hands out of our economy.  We need a government that will allow farmers to farm on their own terms.  (we are capable of producing much more food than we do produce, and the food we do produce is much more than we need.  America could feed a starving nation with the food that we throw away every day.)
Anyway, I’m rambling now.  The point is that something needs to be done about our consumption of natural resources.  The answer, however, is not, … well… communism.  The answer is for people and governments to be realistic, fair, and free.

One thought on “Where Is This World Going?

  1. Vikash says:

    my proposal for this overpopulation problem on earth and the long term effect it is having on our natural resources is to move people to another planet. simple! it will take years to find a suitable planet that will provide sustainability for humans but it can work. why on earth is NASA investing huge amounts of money into inter planetary research! something has to come good out of it.
    i believe american is the biggest consumer of oil. maybe america needs to invest in public transportation heavily. the mindsets of people should also change. they should be willing to travel in Mass transport systems. Look at what singapore does. They heavily tax people who want to buy cars. 20k car here cost 50-60k there. but that is also for the fact that singapore is not a very big country in terms of landmass whereas the US is.
    Need a new planet!

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