A Long Overdue Update

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4 December 2009 by romanin

Ok, so, if anyone at all is still reading my post, here is a big update.  First, I must apologize for this huge delay.  My apology is short, until now, I haven’t had internet at home, and I’ve just been ridiculously busy.  What have I been busy with you might ask?  Well, Lydia and I have been moving!  We have a new house!!!!  We now live on 6980 South Dewey Rd.!!  It is our first home and we are incredibly excited about it.  Moving in is taking lots of time but it’s been good.

The house is 3 minutes away from where I work, the yard is littered with trees, it is a well built home, it has a bar inside and a workshop and all that, it has 3000 square feet including the basement, and it is in a great school district.  A great place, we are praying, to raise a family!

Which brings the next bit of news; Lydia is pregnant!!!!!!  I’m gonna be a dad!  And Lydia will be a mommy!  We are so excited!  So, to recap, in may of this year, Lydia and I were living in separate apartments in a little town called Wuhu teaching English in China.  Now we are married, living in a house together, and I am working as an Engineer, and we are expecting!  What a change!  How the Lord has blessed us and how he is blessing us still!  We are very joyful, if you can’t tell by all of the exclamation points.

Lydia is doing very well, but is a little sick with a cold and possibly morning sickness symptoms, but overall she is doing fine; no throwing up… yet…  Please lift us up!  I’ll TRY to remember to post pictures this weekend.  I hope that you are still reading our post!  and I hope that I will be more consistent in posting.

Nick and Lydia


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