new car, CSI and grandma

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14 October 2009 by romanin

there have been a lot of new things in our lives recently.  the most recent addition to the romanin family is a new car.  it’s a used silver honda civic (2000) coupe.  it’s stick shift and runs great!  we got it for a good deal, so we’re happy.  next addition:  new house (maybe?)  the house is under negotiation right now, and we’ll hopefully have results on the bidding process at the end of this week.  it’s amazing what the process includes.  SO much paperwork and thinking 3 steps ahead.  crazy.  makes me not ever want to move or buy another house.

nick’s job is going well.  he’s training for the first 3 weeks, so he’s learning a lot of new stuff about Nordson (his company) and their tools and products.  it’s good.  i’ve been going to nick’s grandma’s house– nonna maria– about 3 times a week to take care of her and keep her company.  it’s really just keeping her company because she’s physically fine and very able to do a lot of things.

funny conversation with Nonna.  so imagine this: we’re both sitting in her TV room knitting and i say that i want to watch some TV, so she turns the TV on with a forceful and firm press of the remote control “on” button and hands it to me, and i turn it to CSI Las Vegas and this is the discourse that follows:

Nonna:  Leeeedia (that’s what it sounds like)…, what is this show?
Me:  Oh, it’s a detective show.
Nonna:  What’s detetive?
Me:  Well, it’s someone who tries to figure out who killed the person.
Nonna:  Killed?  Somebody die?
Me:  Oh, well, it’s just on the show.  A murder happens at the beginning and the show is about trying to see who the killer is.
Nonna:  Murdererer (fumbling)…? (Nonna is getting agitated at this point)
Me:  When someone dies.
Nonna:  Why somebody die?

Nevermind.  I turn the TV off and resume knitting to the soft and gentle heaving of Nonna’s breathing as she slowly falls asleep for her nap.


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