A Conversation with Elena

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21 September 2009 by romanin

Elena is Nick’s cousin’s, a 3 year old little girl.  She is a clever girl with big, bright blue eyes, a very full face and sandy blonde chin-length hair.  She has a bit of curl in her hair mostly at the tips of her hair and her cheeks are still chubby from her younger days.  We talked with Elena about her day at pre-school and then her dad was trying to think of other topics to talk about, so of course, we talked about Elena’s pet fish, a huge deal in the life of a 3 year-old.

Dad:  Elena, do you have a fish?

Elena:  Yes!

Dad:  What’s your fish’s name?

Elena, with a completely serious face:  Sparkle Blobby Matyas.

Nick & Lydia, trying to keep from laughing:  Oh, reeeeally…?  Who named your fish Sparkle Blobby Matyas?

Elena, very serious again, but proudly, squirming a bit in her high chair:  Me…

Nick & Lydia’s favorite fish name:  Sparkle Blobby Matyas


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