A very quick note on science, modernism, and the supernatural

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10 September 2009 by romanin

As we know, modernism is basically the worldview that science can explain everything we see.  Here are a few quick observations I have…

First – Science is based on what we can observe.  Basically all of our proofs and discoveries must be based on our senses and what we can experience.  For a test to work, we have to be able at the end of the test to say that it has passed or failed.  In order for us to confirm that, we must rely on our eyes, ears, nose, whatever.  Even when we use machines or computers to do these things, we are allowing or making the computers to perform tasks based on our understanding and perception of the universe.

Second – Science generally speaking is based on the idea that the universe abides by laws that are measurable and perceivable by us.  A grand and arrogant statement, I should think, but others consider it conservative.

Third – We operate, perceive, and live in an observable 3 dimensions.

Fourth – Science claims that there are probably more like 10 dimensions.  String theorists say this.  At any rate, many theoretical physicists claim that there are more than three, more than four even.

The resulting conclusion:  If science shows a probable plurality of dimensions that we cannot possibly observe, then why do most scientists dismiss any notion of the supernatural claiming that there must be a sound scientific explanation when our explanations are only effective in the three dimensions of reality we are capable of observing?  I love science and I believe in the scientific method, but I also believe in the bible, and see no reason why the two should be in conflict.  On many points they are indeed in tension, but nothing ever PROVEN by science has contradicted the bible.  I believe in scientific truth, and I believe in the supernatural.  Is there anything wrong with that?


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