We are Married!!!

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29 August 2009 by romanin

We are finally married!!!  After the long wait, it has been freeing for the both of us.  But even as we were

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Romanin at out honeymoon location in Nova Scotia

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Romanin at out honeymoon location in Nova Scotia

getting ready for the big day, people were impressed at how calm everything was.  We tried to keep it simple, and as a result, it went off without a hitch, and everything went so smoothly.  It was wonderful.

So we were in the beautiful Lutheran church called Zion Evangelical in Valley City.  The night before we had used as a time for a bachelor and bachelorette party.  Me and the boys were at my dad’s house, and Lydia and the girls were at my mom’s.  The morning of, it started to rain a little, but no enough to snuff out our spirits.  For the first time, I was nervous about the wedding.

The boys and I got to the church early and we went in to get ready.  I was ready a full half hour before the wedding began, but that half hour felt to me like two hours.  My best man and two other groomsmen, plus the pastor who was a personal friend prayed with me.  Soon the ceremony had begun.

As the groomsmen and I marched out and we stood there in front of the church, I began to get a little shaky, and then the music changed.  It was time for my bride to walk down the isle.  My heart, my breath, time itself seemed to stop, and my legs grew week, and then she came out.  I had never seen a more beautiful bride; it was everything I could do to hold back tears of joy.  It wasn’t until my father-in-law placed Lydia’s hand in mine that my heart began to calm down.  The rest of the ceremony was a blur.  I remember a few things.  When Lydia tried to put my ring on, it didn’t fit right away, and the pastor had used some of my own words in the sermon.  I remember taking the bread and the cup with Lydia and praying.  I remember when pastor Rob said to me “kiss your bride!”  And I remember being announced as Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Romanin.  It was the happiest day of my life.  I am very glad that someone got the entire ceremony on tape!!

The reception following the ceremony, we were late for.  I guess we could say that we were “fashionably” late, as my best man put it in when he blessed the meal.  He, Mark, also gave a very touching and humbling toast.  He is indeed my best friend and I was honored by his words.  The food was magnificent, and there was dancing, and plenty to drink, and people stayed until about midnight.  We left early, and the contents of our story after our departure is confidential.

Our honeymoon was equally perfectly wonderful.  We were in Nova Scotia in Canada for a week.  We stayed for a few days in Halifax where we toured a few museums, and old army fort, and spent some quality time at the hotel.  We then went for a trip to a wilderness resort in the western side of Nova Scotia where we got more than we expected:  a two-story cabin on the river all to ourselves, breakfast everyday, and a four course gourmet meal every evening!  The cabins and the resort itself were so remote that there weren’t any locks on any of the doors!  The river was prime for swimming, hiking, boating, or fishing, and the cabin was the definition of comfort.  I would say that it was the best vacation I’d ever been on.  Lydia and I got some intense quality rest and peace and time to discover each other.  It was magnificent!  We capped our vacation off with another day in Halifax of fasting, prayer, and reflection.  We are now tackling the challenges of starting a new life and are so glad we were able to take that time out.

We also had a second reception in California and we may post about that later.  Here is a link to a Shutterfly site that has a bunch of pictures of the big day.  Enjoy!

We haven’t gotten our professional pictures back yet.

in Him

Nick and Lydia Romanin


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