1. We Are Saints

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    1 February 2022 by romanin

    If you are a Christian, do you consider yourself a sinner or a saint? In the humility prescribed by our culture, we may be quick to say ‘sinner’ but what does the Bible say? Is your identity based on what you do, or what Jesus did?

  2. Rest Comes First

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    5 December 2021 by romanin

    Do you feel rested? Most of us don’t. We often treat rest as a reward for hard work, but I believe scripture teaches rest as a preparation for hard work. A proper rhythm of rest can draw you into deeper trust in God, obedience, and productivity! Rest comes first.

  3. Our Heavenly Father Loves us Deeply

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    26 May 2021 by romanin

    God as our Father loves us deeply.  Yet even the word ‘love’ is tainted by sinfulness and past wounds.  Let’s start by getting one thing straight: God doesn’t love you because you are awesome; He loves you because He loves you!

  4. A Meditation before Father’s Day

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    22 May 2021 by romanin

    What is a father? If I told you that our God in heaven is like a father, that we refer to him as our Heavenly Father, what images would come to your mind? Most likely you would attribute to God characteristics of your own father. Join me as I reflect about how the Bible reveals true fatherhood.

  5. Jesus offers peace and unity in the Body

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    3 November 2020 by romanin

    What a time we live in! The Bible says that Jesus gives us peace, but not as the world gives.  …
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  6. Easter and Closed Doors

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    15 April 2020 by romanin

    We had to celebrate Easter behind closed doors this year. A new thing for all of us. But perhaps in our circumstances, we can relate to the first Easter in an interesting way.

  7. Lent Prayer 7: He is Knocking

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    9 April 2020 by romanin

    Are you going to answer? As we look at the letter to Laodicea in Revelation 3:14-22, we are called to examine ourselves. Are we luke warm? Pray with me as we prepare to reflect on the death and resurrection of our Savior!

  8. Lent Prayer 6: Let us Obey!

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    2 April 2020 by romanin

    Revelation 3:7-13 — The church has a powerful witness and future, even in the midst of crisis and trial, if we would seek to obey Christ! We invite you to pray with us this Lent, to examine yourself, and seek to obey Christ as we prepare for Easter.

  9. Lent Prayer 5: Take off your Mask

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    26 March 2020 by romanin

    Pray with us throught he letter to the church in Sardis. This week we will reflect on how sometimes we may act a certain way in public to manufacture a reputation, while our relationship with God is suffering. Perhaps this time of isolation is a good season to reflect and repent on this!

  10. Lent Prayer 4: Discerning the False Prophet

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    19 March 2020 by romanin

    In the church in Thyatira, there were false prophets. In today’s world too, many who claim to be speaking for God share false gospels. As we approach Easter, let’s reflect and humbly draw near to the true God who gives discernment that we may know truth.


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