1. Writing and an Update

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    29 March 2015 by romanin

    Although have failed in my commitment to write 500 words a day, we have been quite busy. This is a short update on what we have been up to.



    5 March 2015 by romanin

    David Dancing before the Lord

    Have you ever thought what it would feel like to be a kid again, to be unhindered by cultural and social expectations?

  3. L: Comparison is the thief of JOY


    3 March 2015 by romanin


    trying to live a single person’s ideal life as a married, invested mom of 3 is like putting your right glove on your left hand. It kind of fits, but is very uncomfortable and you just want to take it off. The result is bitterness, a lot of stress and feeling small because you “haven’t accomplished anything”.

    Have you ever heard the quote, I think it’s by C.S. Lewis? “Comparison is the thief of JOY.”

  4. Learning Language Over Again


    13 February 2015 by romanin

    So yesterday I (Nick) started to meet with a language partner. A friend named Rob needs to improve his English …
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  5. 500 Word Challenge


    6 February 2015 by romanin

    Ok, so I (Nick) am going to challenge myself to write more.  As a source of personal growth, reflection, and …
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  6. Our First Month


    23 January 2015 by romanin

    First of all, to anyone reading this who partners with us in prayer, financially, in wisdom, or in any other …
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  7. Christmas Without a Home

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    9 January 2015 by romanin

    This post is a little late, but that’s ok.  I wanted to share about our Christmas. So on December 16th, …
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  8. We now have a House in West Lafayette!


    23 December 2014 by romanin

    Yesterday, I was able to sign the papers for our new home in West Lafayette! While we are waiting, we …
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  9. Packing

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    7 December 2014 by romanin

    The packing has begun!  I’ve moved from America to Asia and back, I’ve moved to college and back, but this …
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  10. We Are Moving on Christmas


    2 December 2014 by romanin

    We sold our house, and are basically moving on Christmas. It will be a crazy December, but I think this challenge will also be a blessing.


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