1. Packing

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    7 December 2014 by romanin

    The packing has begun!  I’ve moved from America to Asia and back, I’ve moved to college and back, but this …
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  2. We Are Moving on Christmas


    2 December 2014 by romanin

    We sold our house, and are basically moving on Christmas. It will be a crazy December, but I think this challenge will also be a blessing.

  3. Another Memory Verse for Nathaniel


    12 November 2014 by romanin

    I posted some time ago about Nathaniel memorizing Proverbs 3:21-24.  I don’t know why, but I kind of left it …
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  4. September Newsletter

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    8 September 2014 by romanin

    COM logo 2C

    Read about a brother’s perspective of ministry to Chinese students, an update on our most recent trip to Purdue University and more in our most recent newsletter.

  5. Round Two: Our House is Relisted!


    6 September 2014 by romanin


    Our house is back on the market! Check it out on!

  6. Unfailing Love

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    20 August 2014 by romanin

    What is Unfailing love? Love that is so powerful and complete, that death itself, on Calvary, not only couldn’t stop it, but instead magnified it!

  7. Hastening or Eagerly Awaiting?


    16 August 2014 by romanin

    As Christians, we should not hasten the day of the Lord, for it is a day of destruction, but being thankful for God’s patience with us, eagerly await the coming kingdom where righteousness dwells. 2 Peter 8-15

  8. Muslims in China?

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    24 July 2014 by romanin

    nanguan mosqe

    For those of you who didn’t know, there are Muslims in China. Most Muslims in China live in Western China …
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  9. Night Terrors and Nathaniel’s Memory Verse


    8 July 2014 by romanin


    What began in a battle against night terrors ended in Nathaniel memorizing his first scripture from the Bible!

  10. L: Warning to All Young Women in China


    19 May 2014 by romanin


    A friend of mine who works with Chinese in China posted this. A must see for all those who have …
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